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Naturally better nutrition

Because your cat deserves nothing but the best

new pouch format

A taste of New Zealand for your cat

Feeding solutions that serve your pet

Proudly made in New Zealand from the finest ingredients, our range of innovative diets, unique supplements, and delicious treats are ones your pet will crave.


Our Sustainability Journey

We're committed to implementing sustainable business practices that drive positive impact for the communities and environments where we do business.

Our Customers

Sinbad loves it so much that he will happily eat it for his meals, and take it as treats. I can also use it to sprinkle on top of things he doesn't want to eat (like medicine) and he will chow down!

Liz, US

Our two cats LOVE your canned foods! They were used to a number of American brands back home and frankly, it's been so hard to find something they love here and this stuff is a real delicacy for them!

Maragarita, AU

My cats love it as a treat or a meal. Either rehydrated or dry. They beg for it!

Helen, US

9 of my 10 cats love this food (one is weird and very picky). Even my oldest cat that was kibble fed for many years (before I knew more about cat nutrition) and really won't touch wet food loves it!

Michelle, US

We use Beef and Hoki freeze dried as in-between-meal treats. Our kittens go absolutely nuts for them, and it's such a large bag that it's actually an extremely good value when used in this manner.

Barbara, US

I still can't get over how it's slowed down their digestion. Clearly their bodies are actually using all the goodness in the food and there is very little waste. I just wish I had discovered this food earlier!

Jessica, US

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