Naturally Better Nutrition

Combining the best ingredients, our high meat cat food and supplements are packed with energy and nutrients to help your cat live a long, healthy and vibrant life.

Made Fresh In New Zealand

New Zealand is famous for its unspoiled environment, clean air, lush pastures and plentiful oceans, making it the perfect place to find an amazing array of natural, pure ingredients. We have made the most of these resources, sourcing free-range meat from grass-fed animals, cage-free chicken, and the finest seafood from sustainable sources.

The Taste That Cats Love

Even the pickiest eaters are drawn to the natural flavours of our products, because cats are genetically predisposed to a diet rich in meat.

A Natural Source of Energy

Our diets made from premium meats provide the rich and nourishing proteins and fats needed to give your cat a natural source of energy to thrive.

Healthier, Happier Cats

Our products help with weight management, improve digestive function, boost anti-inflammatory responses, and support your cats general good health.

Wet Food Pioneers

We were the first pet food company to exclude gelling agents and binders from can cat food. Instead, we use fresh New Zealand water. Not only is this better for your cat’s nutrition, it's also a great way to add extra hydration to their diet.

Freeze-Dried Cat Food

We were New Zealand's first pet food company to take freeze-dried technology to the world. Our range uses only the highest quality ingredients, giving your cat the locked in natural goodness of fresh raw ingredients.

Customer Reviews

I still can't get over how it's slowed down their digestion. Clearly their bodies are actually using all the goodness in the food and there is very little waste. I just wish I had discovered this food earlier!

Jessica, United States

Our two cats LOVE your canned foods! They were used to a number of American brands back home and frankly, it's been so hard to find something they love here and this stuff is a real delicacy for them!

Maragarita, Australia

Sinbad loves it so much that he will happily eat it for his meals, and take it as treats. I can also use it to sprinkle on top of things he doesn't want to eat (like medicine) and he will chow down!

Liz, United States

The protein and animal content in Feline Natural is the highest I have found and the tiny amount of other ingredients are natural, pure and necessary.

Erin, United States

Who We Are

Feline Natural was born in 2011 out of a shared passion to improve the wellbeing of cats. We are committed to delivering the best cat food that the world has to offer.