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Stories and Pet Tips

Transitioning to a new diet

‘Food should always be fun, food should always be fun’….is the mantra I repeatedly tell myself when I try to introduce new foods and flavours to my 6 month old son. Some days it’s a success and I beam with undeserved pride, other days he clamps his mouth shut so...

The instinctive diet

“What should I be feeding my dog?” is one of the most common questions I am asked in clinical practice. The recurring debate seems to centre on the appropriateness of high levels of carbohydrate in many of the commercial dry foods fed to a large proportion of our canine companions.

Introducing Dr. Josie Gollan

Hi, my name is Dr. Josie Gollan and I am a companion animal veterinarian from Sydney with more than 10 years of clinical experience. I am a mum to Albus the Hungarian Vizsla and Hendrix the human and with another small human about to join our pack, life is going...

Introducing a new baby to your four-legged family member

For almost a decade I have been advising conscientious pet owners on how best to introduce a new baby to their four-legged family member. I have even discussed my recommendations on national television… a baby, a dog and live TV… you can imagine the chaos! 

More choice for the fussy feline: Our new canned flavors

We’re firm believers that a change is as good as a holiday. With that in mind, your cat will be feeling like it’s just had a week sunbathing in the Bahamas after a taste of the three new flavours we’ve just added to our canned range. We’re excited to bring...