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Stories and Pet Tips

Grass-fed Pet Food: Here's The Beef

Picture this: cattle grazing on lush green grass in open paddocks, wandering as they please, frolicking in the sunshine and daisies… okay, we’re getting a bit cheesy here, but that really is a pretty accurate snapshot of a cow’s life in New Zealand. We pride ourselves on healthy, happy cows...

What Are Those Small White Specs?

Here at K9 Natural and Feline Natural we are committed to providing the best blends of nature in nutrition for cats and dogs. As part of this philosophy, we refuse to include any binders, gums or gelling agents in our diets which would compromise the natural goodness of our wholefood ingredients. 

Switching Pet Food: Transitioning To A New Diet

‘Food should always be fun, food should always be fun’….is the mantra I repeatedly tell myself when I try to introduce new foods and flavours to my 6 month old son. Some days it’s a success and I beam with undeserved pride, other days he clamps his mouth shut so...

Introducing Veterinarian Dr. Josie Gollan

Hi, my name is Dr. Josie Gollan and I am a companion animal veterinarian from Sydney with more than 10 years of clinical experience. I am a mum to Albus the Hungarian Vizsla and Hendrix the human and with another small human about to join our pack, life is going...

How To Introduce A New Addition To Your Family Pet

For almost a decade I have been advising conscientious pet owners on how best to introduce a new baby to their four-legged family member. I have even discussed my recommendations on national television… a baby, a dog and live TV… you can imagine the chaos! 

New Canned Cat Food Flavours For The Fussy Feline

We’re firm believers that a change is as good as a holiday. With that in mind, your cat will be feeling like it’s just had a week sunbathing in the Bahamas after a taste of the three new flavours we’ve just added to our canned range. We’re excited to bring...