Transitioning To Feline Natural

When transitioning your cat to Feline Natural, start by mixing a small amount into their existing food, then slowly increase the amount of Feline Natural over 7 - 10 days until your cat enjoys a full bowl of Feline Natural wholefood goodness.

Day 1: Full bowl of current food

Day 1

Current Food

Day 2 - 9: Part bowl of current food & part bowl of Feline Natural

Day 2-9

Current Food + Feline Natural

Day 10: Full bowl of Feline Natural

Day 10

Feline Natural

Feed As A

Complete & Balanced Meal

Simply open the lid using the easy to pull tab, place in your cat's food bowl, stir the meat and liquid together, and serve.

Clean and place the empty can in your recycling.







Feline Natural

How Much To Feed

To feed as a complete and balanced meal, follow our recommended feeding methods and feeding guides linked below.

Feline Natural Beef & Hoki Cans on a marble countertop

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