We know how much joy feeding time can bring, and at Feline Natural, we want this moment to be enjoyed every day in your household.

Find out how to transition your cat to Feline Natural, and explore our feeding guides to find out how to feed and how much to feed your cat. 

Freeze-Dried Feeding Guide

Our Freeze-dried cat food is complete & balanced, nutrient-dense, and as close to a raw diet as you can get.

Minimal processing removes the water content, leaving all the natural goodness of a raw, high-meat diet in a convenient, ready-to-use format.

Canned Feeding Guide

Our canned cat food is complete & balanced, nutrient-dense, and made with fresh New Zealand Water for added hydration.

The same nutritional goodness as our freeze-dried cat food, but in a convenient, easy-to-store, ready-to-use can.

Pouch Feeding Guide

Feline Natural Pouches are a nutritious, highly palatable pâté with no gelling agents, binders or gum - just fresh New Zealand water for added hydration.

Convenient in a mess-free, easy-to-use single serve.

Transitioning Your Cat To Feline Natural

When transitioning your cat to a Feline Natural feast, start by mixing a small amount into their current food following the guide below, slowly increasing the amount of Feline Natural over 10 days until your cat enjoys a full bowl of Feline Natural. 

Transitioning correctly over this time will give your cat (and their stomach!) time to adjust to the high-meat, nutrient-dense content of Feline Natural feasts.  

Day 1 - 3

75% current food, 25% Feline Natural

Day 4 - 6

50% current food, 50% Feline Natural

Day 7 - 9

25% current food, 75% Feline Natural

Day 10

100% Feline Natural

Hear from our Veterinarian and Brand Ambassador, Dr. Josie Gollan

When changing your pet onto any new diet, a slow transition is essential. This is particularly important if the change is from conventional kibble or canned to a raw food diet, as the gastrointestinal system needs time to adjust to the different macronutrient ratios and digestibility of the new food.

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