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Stories and Pet Tips

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What To Know As A Pet Owner This Holiday Season

With Christmas just around the corner (can you believe it?) the festive spirit is well and truly in full swing and the social calendar is becoming littered with Christmas parties and family gatherings. Like many people, it is my favorite time of year and I adore spending it with loved...


1. Do you employ a full-time qualified nutritionist? Yes. Kathryn Reeves is our in-house nutritionist. Kathryn holds a Bachelor of Science Degree with a Major in Human Nutrition and Physiology from Massey University. Kathryn also works alongside leading animal research institute; Massey University in New Zealand to create pet food diets...

Managing Your Cats Stress Levels: Reducing Anxiety In Your Pet

With the glimmer of returning to normal life flickering on the horizon, it is important we consider what this may mean for our furry family members. For the last couple of months, they have adjusted to full households, constant company and likely more attention as our lives have slowed down...

Introducing Veterinarian Dr. Josie Gollan

Hi, my name is Dr. Josie Gollan and I am a companion animal veterinarian from Sydney with more than 10 years of clinical experience. I am a mum to Albus the Hungarian Vizsla and Hendrix the human and with another small human about to join our pack, life is going...

How To Introduce A New Addition To Your Family Pet

For almost a decade I have been advising conscientious pet owners on how best to introduce a new baby to their four-legged family member. I have even discussed my recommendations on national television… a baby, a dog and live TV… you can imagine the chaos!