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Stories and Pet Tips

Posts tagged: Hydration

Pet Milk Sediment - FAQs

While many of us may have grown up feeding our pets milk, we now know that standard cow's milk is generally difficult for pets to digest. This is because cats and dogs do not make the lactase enzyme, which means they are unable to break down the naturally occurring milk...

Hydrating Your Cat: What You Need To Know

Unlike their canine counterparts, our feline friends are notoriously poor drinkers. This is likely due to their evolutionary path from desert type environments whereby they obtained most of their water through consumption of entire prey animals… including the stomach contents.

Feline Natural Milk For Cats - FAQs

  What animal is it from? What kind of milk is it? Feline Natural Milk is made in New Zealand from 100% New Zealand grass-fed, free-range cow’s milk.  Are the cows grass-fed?  Yes! Feline Natural milk is made in New Zealand from New Zealand free-range, grass-fed cows milk.  What are the ingredients?  Milk, Flaxseed Oil, Lactose Enzyme, Taurine,...

Why Milk: The Benefits For Your Feline

Written by Dr. Josie Gollan   When I was growing up, if you had asked me what cats drink I would have confidently answered milk. With cartoons such as Garfield and Sylvester the cat, who if you don’t recall loved to guzzle milk, informing my young opinions it is no...

Feline Natural Pouches: The New Way To Hydrate Your Cat

'My cat just loves water; they love a bath, they love to swim and I often just find them lying out in the rain’….. said basically no cat owner ever! For anyone with childhood memories of their fluffy friend turning into a rabid panther when they tried to put them...

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD): Looking After Your Cat

Chronic Kidney Disease, or CKD, affects around  30% of cats and 6% of dogs. So, we thought we’d shed some light on the amazing work kidneys achieve on a daily basis, and how we can best look after our furry friend’s organ team by preventing the development of this diagnosis.