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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are you?

    Inspired by our beautiful New Zealand environment, and guided by world leading science, Feline Natural provides the best blends of natural food for cats.

    We’re a team of enthusiastic pet lovers who understand the journey to get the very best quality food delivered to your pet’s dinner bowl. We sniff out the freshest produce, support sustainable and free-range farming practices, and create high-meat diets that will give your pet the natural energy and nutrients they crave.

  • Why a high-meat diet?

    In recent years we have become increasingly aware of the nutritional needs of our pets and the impact that diet has on the quality of their lives. World leading research from our in-house pet nutritionist has shown us that dogs and cats thrive on a natural diet high in meat and rich in vitamins and minerals. Our naturally derived diets ensure that all nutritional goodness of our wholefood ingredients is maintained, while eliminating unnecessary fillers such as grains, cereals and starches.

  • Where can I buy Feline Natural?

    Check our easy store locator to find a map of your closest stockists. No-one in your area yet? Take a look at products online.

  • I’m a retailer/distributor, who do I get in touch with to start stocking your products?

    Send us a detailed email through our website and we’ll put you in touch with your closest Feline Natural representative.

  • Do you make K9 Natural as well?

    Yes we do! K9 Natural provides the same wholefood goodness and best blends of natural food – just for dogs instead of cats.

  • Are any of your products in compliance with AAFCO?

    Feline Natural core diets are formulated to meet AAFCO requirements for all life stages, from kittens right through to adults.

  • Is your food suitable for my cat with skin allergies?

    Absolutely! Feline Natural diets are ideal for allergy prone cats due to the fact we have eliminated common allergy-inducing fillers and skin irritants.

  • And what exactly is Freeze-Dried food?

    The innovative freeze-drying process takes moisture out of our original fresh meat recipe without heating it, leaving in all the nutrients your cat will thank you for. Freeze-Dried food is the perfect solution to easy storage and transport, giving more pet parents the option of providing their pets with a high-meat diet. Simply add water back into the food when using a meal, or use a sprinkle of your cat’s food as a tasty topper!

  • What is the difference between your Freeze-Dried and Cans / Pouches products?

    All of our ranges contain the same nutritious recipe with absolutely no fillers such as grains, cereals and starches, just in different formats so you can pick the option that best suits you and your pet.

  • Tell me more about your ingredients…

    All of our wholefood ingredients are sourced sustainably from New Zealand. We have made the most of our natural resources, sourcing free-range meat from grass-fed animals, the finest seafood from sustainable sources, vegetables grown from fertile soil and cage-free chicken.

  • Are your recipes GMO-free?

    Absolutely! All Feline Natural products and their ingredients are GMO-free.

  • What is green tripe, and how should I include this in my cat’s daily diet?

    Green tripe is a natural superfood for pets. You can boost the nutritional value and flavour of your cat’s food with our 100% New Zealand Grass-Fed Lamb Green Tripe Booster. It’s perfect as a daily supplement, a highly palatable superfood and one of the best additions you can make to your cat’s diet. Lamb Green Tripe is an excellent digestive aid containing live, naturally occurring microorganisms and healthy prebiotics and probiotics – the only downside is the smell!

  • I notice your new AAFCO Feline Natural diets now include Taurine on the ingredient list, was Taurine not present in your old diets?

    Taurine is present in our current diets, it is naturally derived from the contribution of the Lamb, Beef, or Venison heart. However, due to new AAFCO guidelines and to account for seasonal variation within our natural wholefood ingredients, we have now included Taurine in our fortifier to ensure the required levels are met all year round.

  • I notice Canola oil is no longer included in your Feline Natural diets, why was this removed?

    While reformulating the Feline Natural formulas to the new AAFCO standards, we took the opportunity to revisit the current ingredient list, with the aim of delivering a more favourable offering. In doing so we have removed Canola oil.

  • Why do you include flaxseed flakes in your Feline Natural recipes?

    Our Feline Natural core diets are complete and balanced for all life stages of cats, containing everything your fur family need to thrive. Flaxseed flakes are used in very small amounts, making up less than 0.3% of the recipe and will aid with digestion and in the formulation of healthy stools.

  • How should I transition my pet onto a Feline Natural diet?

    It’s super easy, just start by mixing Feline Natural in with your cat’s existing diet, then simply increase the amount of Feline Natural until your pet is lapping up a full bowl of wholefood goodness! You can make this transition between 3-10 days depending on your cat’s sensitivity to new food. Alternatively you can just use Feline Natural as a nutrient or flavour boost, simply sprinkle or mix into your cat’s existing food as a tasty topper.

  • Is it safe to mix Feline Natural with other foods?

    It sure is. We understand that your pet’s diet needs to work in with your own individual lifestyle, and many of our customers choose to use our products as a meal mixer - in fact, we’ve created our Toppers range for this very purpose! Simply sprinkle over your cat’s existing diet for a nutrient dense, high-meat boost or as a great way to entice picky eaters.

  • I’ve bought your Freeze-Dried food, how should I feed this to my cat?

    If you’re using Feline Natural Freeze-Dried food as your cat’s sole diet, we recommend adding equal parts warm water back into the food. Follow the feeding instructions on the back of your packet.

    If you’re using this food as a nutrient or flavour boost, simply sprinkle or mix into your pet’s existing food as a tasty topper.

  • How should I store and handle my Feline Natural products?

    We recommend handling our products as you would raw meat; wash your hands and wipe surfaces once they have been in contact with the food and give your pet’s bowl a good clean after every meal.

    If the food has been defrosted or rehydrated, refrigerate any leftovers after thirty minutes and dispose of any uneaten meals within three days.

    For maximum freshness, we suggest storing your Freeze-Dried products in a cool, dry place such as a cupboard or pantry and resealing after each use. Once the packet is opened, we suggest using the food within 3 months. The overall shelf life is 2 years for Freeze-Dried and 3 years for Canned food.

  • I noticed some white sediment in my Feline Natural milk, do I need to be worried?

    Rest assured this is normal. The white sediment is precipitation which is caused by the fat separating from the milk and solidifying. We recommend shaking the bottle well before serving.

  • Can I be assured that your food is safe for my cat to eat?

    New Zealand has one of the cleanest supply chains in the world. Nothing is more important to us than the safety and quality of your food. All of our wholefood ingredients are sourced in New Zealand, or of human-grade quality and can be traced back to the farm. Every batch of Feline Natural is thoroughly tested before it leaves the factory, and for your ultimate peace of mind, Feline Natural food meets all AAFCO requirements.

  • Is your can range still raw?

    Our canned range contains the same wholefood goodness of our existing recipe, which has been canned for your convenience. The product is heated during the canning process leaving all the nutrients inside the can. The best part – we don’t use any gels or binders whatsoever! The only thing we add is natural New Zealand water.

  • Does Feline Natural use HPP (High Pressure Processing)?

    Feline Natural does not use any form of high pressure processing/pasteurisation in the production of our products, with the exception of our cat milk range.

  • What are the small white specks that I’ve noticed in my Feline Natural cans?

    Rest assured, the white specks you’ve been noticing are completely normal! They’re simply small bits of fat that have become separated during heating in the canning process. Our Feline Natural cans are free from any gels or binding agents whatsoever, just fresh New Zealand water, which means you’re more likely to notice our nutritious whole food ingredients.

  • Are your Feline Natural cans BPA-free?

    They sure are. We’re pleased to confirm that all our Feline Natural cans are BPA-free.

  • Do you include oxygen absorbers in your products?

    All Feline Natural Freeze-Dried and Air-Dried product packages contain a non-edible oxygen absorber. We include them in our product packaging to help reduce the oxygen level to ensure that our shelf-stable food is at optimum freshness when opened.

    These small sealed grey or blue & white stripped packets are marked “DO NOT EAT”. They contain the following ingredients;

    Iron: 60-85%
    Magnesium Chloride: less than 1%
    Carbon: less than 1%
    Silica Dioxide: 15-40%

    Oxygen absorber packets start to work and absorb oxygen as soon as they are packed into the bag of food. Once the bag is opened and the absorber packet is exposed to oxygen, it loses its effect and can be discarded.

    We recommend storing our product out of temptations way, in a cool, dry space like a cupboard. Once opened, we recommend removing and disposing of the oxygen absorber to reduce the risk of accidental ingestion.

    In the case of accidental ingestion and as a precaution, please contact animal poison control or your veterinarian, especially if your pet is under 15 lbs / 6.5 kg.

  • How do I read the dates on the back of the Feline Natural pouches and Milk For Cats?

    The Best Before date is displayed ‘BB’ on the package. The ‘MD’ stands for Manufacture Date.

  • Do you offer free delivery?

    Yes, we offer free delivery within New Zealand for all orders over $79. Orders under $79 have a flat rate fee of $7.50 for Urban addresses. Rural Delivery is $10. Saturday Delivery is $10 and is not available for Rural addresses.

  • How will I know when my order has been sent?

    Our team can take up to 1-2 days to process your order. Once the courier has picked up your order, you will receive a tracking number to the email address used when placing your order. Delivery within New Zealand will be from 2-4 business days. Please note these are estimated times and due to current restrictions, it may take longer to get your order to you. Rest assured, we will do our best!

  • How can I track my order?

    You can track your order using the tracking number sent to the email address used when placing your order.

  • Are you only available in New Zealand?

    At this stage, our online store is only available to New Zealand customers. Not in New Zealand? Visit our Where to Buy page to find your local store.

  • Do you have a palatability guarantee?

    We offer a 100% palatability guarantee on all our products. This means if ever you or your cat are not completely satisfied with a product, please get in touch with our team to receive a full refund or product swap.

  • I've never used subscription before, how do I set this up?

    Choose the product you want to include, click Subscribe & Save, then you can select how often you’d like you chosen product to be delivered, and add that to your cart. If you’re ready, go to checkout or you can continue shopping.

  • What if I want to change the flavour or product on my subscription?

    No problem at all, you can make changes via My Account under the Products in my Subscription section. If you have any problems, please email us at

  • Can I change the delivery date of my order?

    You sure can. Just go to My Account, click Manage Subscription and amend the delivery date.

  • Am I able to change my delivery address?

    Absolutely. Go to My Account, click Manage Subscription and change it under Address and Shipping Information.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    You can pause or skip your upcoming subscription under My Account, Manage Subscription and Manage Upcoming Orders section.

    If you do wish to cancel your subscription, you can do this whenever you wish. Just go to My Account, Manage Subscription and head to the Cancel Subscription section.

  • What happens if my card declines?

    You will be sent a notification email and we will attempt to process your payment the following day. We will also notify you if your card is due to expire and needs updating. You can amend your card details at any time.

  • When will my subscription be charged?

    We will email you a reminder for your subscription order 3 days before it's scheduled to be processed. This gives you 3 days notice before your credit / debit card account will be charged. You will be charged on the day your order is processed.

  • Can I use Laybuy, Afterpay, Zip Pay or Oxipay?

    We do not offer this at this stage yet.