Price Adjustments

Here at Feline Natural, we proudly manufacture the best blends of nature in nutrition for cats and pride ourselves on being transparent both in our recipes and in how we bring them to you. 

Our raw materials are sourced locally from New Zealand farmers and can be traced from farm gate to your cat’s plate. We refuse to compromise on quality, assuring pet parents have access to the very best in nutrition for their cats.

With this commitment to consistent quality comes challenges; one of which is rising costs that directly impact the formulation of our product ranges.

These costs include: Meat products, packaging & raw materials, as well as the rising cost of manufacturing & transport.

Due to this, the pricing of our products will be increased – across our various websites, as well as in our retailers - taking effect from Monday 3rd April.

We have tried to keep these increases to a minimum and will continue to action everything possible to improve our efficiencies and prevent the impact of rising input costs reaching our valued customers.

We understand the effects these small price increases can have on your daily life and thank you for your continued support and trust in this time.


The Feline Natural Team