Build Their Super Bowl

As the excitement builds for one of the biggest sporting events of the year, NFL fans are preparing for a spectacular Super Bowl LVIII showdown. But this year, we're not just celebrating the game on the field, we're bringing the fun to every member of the family including our four-legged friends! What better time to showcase some of the pets of Feline Natural and how they build their own ‘super bowls’. Over the following fortnight, we'll introduce you to our Feline Natural Team lineup, including a full profile on each of our players, plus some insights into how they build their best super bowl.

Every cat is unique, meaning it’s essential to tailor their lifestyle for optimal health, starting with their food bowl. Depending on their breed, size, activity level and age, your cat will have their own unique nutrition needs, so as their life stages progress, and their lifestyles or even the seasons change, their dietary needs should adapt accordingly. So how do you make sure your best friend is getting everything they need from their meals? It doesn’t need to be complicated – one of the best ways is to build your bowl for your best friends’ specific needs.

A balanced bowl is all about providing a combination of quality ingredients and food types in the form of proteins, toppers, hydrators, and supplements. Specific to your pet these should be rotated regularly, giving them all the macro and micronutrients, they need to thrive. Combining only the best ingredients, Feline Natural Feasts meets all requirements, to be complete and balanced for all stages of a cat’s life, however, this doesn’t mean you can’t add extras to their meal in order to help support different aspects of your pet’s health.

One way of adding an extra boost to their meal are our Feline Natural Green Tripe Boosters. Green Tripe is rich in protein and fantastic for your pet's gastrointestinal and immune health. It is also a good source of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Adding a tasty treat to their meal is also a great way to improve the taste of their meal, while still adding some added benefits. Our Feline Natural Treat Range offer your cat a perfect blend of tasty goodness and nutritional value and are a great source of protein.

Unlike dogs, our feline companions are widely known for being inefficient drinkers. Rehydrating their meal is a great way to make sure they are getting everything they need in their diet (hydration included).

Over the next fortnight, we'll unveil the Feline Natural Team's super bowl-building techniques, offering a glimpse into the endless ways to create a bowl tailored to your pet. However, there are endless ways to create a bowl that is formulated for your pet.

So, how do you build their Super Bowl? Share your special mealtime feeding moments with us—don't forget to tag @FelineNatural and #BuildTheirSuperBowl. Let's celebrate the joy of tailoring meals for our pets and making every feeding moment extraordinary.

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